6 Ways to Unblock Hair from your Drains

In the past, Alt Drainage have discussed what should and shouldn’t be drained in your sinks, showers, and toilets. We’ve also discussed how to retrieve items thought to have been lost down the drain such as toys, engagement rings, and other valuable or sentimental items. However, there are plenty of substances that can block drains, some of which are more preventable than others.

For many homeowners around West Yorkshire, a common perpetrator of domestic blockages is hair. It gets everywhere and can be a nightmare to clean from sink and bathtub basins, so unclogging it from the drain can seem even more daunting. Alt Drainage have provided some pointers to help you unblock those pesky hair locks.


Many modern drains allow you to lift or unscrew the plughole. If possible, open it up and try pluck the hairs from the drain. Whilst this may not be the most hygienic approach, if the hair is clogging the pipe to the top, you should be able to clear most of it away through this method.

Wire coat hanger

Should the tweezers not be a sufficient method to retrieve the hair, a wire coat hanger could be a more effective method. These hangers can be adjusted in shape to fit down the drain, and hook any clumps of hair from the pipe.

Hair removal cream

Whilst this may appear an obscure method, this will work the same way it does when removing hair from your body.

The one drawback of this option, is that this cream can be expensive, and in order for the method to work, the whole tube or tub of cream needs to be emptied down the whole and left for at least thirty minutes, and potentially overnight depending on the backlog of hair. On return to the plughole, flush the drain out with a powerful source of water, dissolving the hair and washing the remaining cream away.


One of the more old-school procedures, a plunger can help in nudging not just hair, but any other excess dirt that is causing issues to your drain. Simply attach the plunger to the drain and move it up and down to generate a pulling force that subsequently should free up the blockage and make it easier to pull out.

Commercial cleaning products

Supermarket or established brand versions of cleaning products are designed exactly for issues such as these where the grime simply won’t budge. They can be a quick method of dissolving or easing the dirt that is clogging the drain. In addition to this, attaching a strainer or plughole cover when the sink or bath basin is in use is a straightforward preventative method that should erase the need to unblock the drain.

Call a professional

Should any of these methods not erase the problem, then a specialist may need to be called to alleviate it. Based in Wakefield, Alternative Drainage can handle domestic issues such as blocked bathtub, toilet, or sink drains in several areas around Yorkshire including Barnsley, Leeds, Huddersfield, and Bradford. In addition to this, issues regarding a build of oils, fat and dirt in any external pipes attached to your home can be looked at too. Foul odours coming from a pipe source can be an indication that there is a blockage in the pipe somewhere. To speak to one of our friendly team about a solution, visit our contact page.