A guide to commercial drainage systems

Commercial drains differ from domestic drainage systems in a number of ways, but primarily in size and capacity. Despite the difference in size and shape, commercial drainage systems can still experience similar kind of faults and problems.

Alternative Drainage has over 30 years’ experience in dealing with commercial drainage systems in Leeds and Yorkshire and have found that one of the most common causes of issues throughout Leeds and the surrounding area is blockages.

A little bit of advice an education can help prevent the unpleasantness of drain blockages and also make for wise business sense as these steps can limit any downtime or inconvenience that a business might suffer as a result.

Preventing blockages

The best way to prevent blockages in your commercial drains is to take measures towards controlling what is flushed down the toilets on your premises. Sanitary products and nappies are some of the most common causes of blockage. Also, if your business is in the catering sector, then grease, fats and kitchen waste are troublemakers as they can stick to the inside of your drains and pipes and then solidify during cold weather.

Clearing blockages

One single blockage can cause a lot of disruption, but it could be extremely easy to rectify. Simply using a plunger on a toilet or putting bleach down a sink can clear most moderate blockages. If the problem is more serious, this may need to the help of a professional.

Professional care

If the blockage or drainage fault is more stubborn then it will likely need to be assessed by a professional. There is a range of different reasons as to why a drainage system may be faulty, including cracked pipes, tree root infestation, freezing temperatures and pipe-bursts.

Course of action

Alternative Drainage’s qualified engineers will be able to use their experience and expertise to decide on the best course of action. This may be any one of our range of commercial services, including CCTV surveys, septic tank empties, drain repair and clearance, high-pressure water jetting and more.

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