Alternative Drainage Provide Essential Works to New Leisure Complex

Alternative Drainage were recently called to provide some vital drainage works to a newly built leisure complex in the heart of Huddersfield.

The client contacted Alternative Drainage due to our reputation of providing impeccable services to large scale commercial clients. We have years of experience in working with this kind of client, therefore we can anticipate their needs, and work to standards they expect.

In this particular case, Alternative Drainage had to carry out a thorough CCTV survey of a complex, large scale drainage system, and then clean away any debris created by a recent demolition.

The demolition in question was carried out to make way for a new leisure complex, situated right in the heart of Huddersfield. However, an obvious knock on of such an event is the mess and debris which is created, no small amount of which typically finds its way into the sewers.

Therefore, the first step is always a thorough CCTV survey of the drainage system, to determine the worst affected areas, as well as any damaged areas that are in need of repair.

Once this was done it’s simply a case of rolling up our sleeves and getting work clearing the drains. This part is typically done with a high-pressure water jet, which literally blasts the debris and dirt out of the way, leaving clean running, effective drains.

Once the water jetting is complete we then carry out another CCTV survey and carry out a few tests to make sure that everything is running as it should. In this case we were glad to find that everything was functioning properly. So we packed up and headed back to HQ.

If you are planning on carrying out some large-scale demolition work, and have yet to make provisions for the drainage system, then just call us on 0800 980 1362 or contact us here. We’d be happy to help.