Don’t flush Yorkshire puddings

Recent news articles have gone viral with news of domestic drains being blocked as a result of homeowners flushing Yorkshire puddings down toilets.

Anglian Water posted two pictures of the thick, floury mixture blocking drains in Ipswich. One of the photos shows a bulk of Yorkshire pudding batter covering a drain, while the other shows an intact pudding in someone’s gloved hand.

Careless misuse of domestic and commercial drains will often exacerbate over time and cause a blockage of various severities. Small and minor blockages, are albeit an inconvenience, can be fixed with a simple plunger whilst serious and stubborn blockages may require the assistance of specialist drainage engineers to restore it working condition.

It is subsequently worth reminding people of the sensitiveness of our drains and what you should avoid putting down them, Yorkshire puddings being case-in-point.

  1. Yorkshire puddings
    This is undoubtedly top of the list after recent news revelations, but stodgy Yorkshire puddings will work like a plug to clog up your domestic drainage systems.
  2. Wet wipes
    An infamous culprit for blocking drains across Yorkshire, wet wipes and sanitary products are not biodegradable and therefore amass over time in our sewers and drains.
  3. Any food waste
    Almost every kind of food waste can clog your internal plumbing and leave your sink out of action. From spinach to pasta to potato, if you have any food leftover, make sure to scrape it in the bin.
  4. Grease and oil
    Fats and oil that are washed down the sink after cooking are extremely damaging to Yorkshire drainage systems and are present in almost every case of blocked drains or sewers.

At Alternative Drainage, we like to give our customers advice and tell them not to treat their toilet as a bin and only flush the Three P’s, pee, poo and paper. If you are experiencing any problems with your drains, contact a member of our team today on 0800 980 1362.