Flood Precautions You Should Consider

With hopefully the worst of the arctic weather climates behind us, it is important to be weary of future weather risks that could pose a hazard to your household or workplace drainage system. When the weather changes drastically from snowy conditions to a warmer temperature, the risk of flooding in low-lying areas increases, especially when combined with the likelihood of rain.
Another potential risk is that cold temperatures increase the likelihood of a frozen pipe or burst water main; both of which reduce the passage of water and sewage. This leads to rising water levels in the drainage systems anyway and when coupled with heavy rain, again heightens the chance of a severe flood.
Whilst Yorkshire have an advanced sewage system, there are areas in the region with a history of flooding; these areas include Hebden Bridge, Calderdale, Yeadon, and Sowerby Bridge.
Preparing for a flood
More than your own drainage system become damaged because of flooding; possessions can be lost, businesses destroyed, and injury caused. So, Alternative Drainage have formulated a few measures to take before, and do after a flood.

• Stock up on necessities such as food and water prior to the rain season.
• For those who have a basement, if possible, clear it out of any furniture, chemical products, sharp objects and food to reduce the chances of contamination via flood water.
• Appliances in areas that can be flooded should be moved or unplugged.
• Secure any pets away from the flood prone areas of your building; keep them on the landing or in a bedroom.
• Clear any debris or dirt from pipes and drains around your home, office or building. It could be worth test-running showers and taps to make sure they are exiting the drains properly.

• Flood water is jam-packed with harmful bacteria and pathogens that are very harmful to public health. Wait for an announcement from the local water authority before returning to using your sinks and bathtubs for bathing or consumption water.
• Avoid pumping your septic tanks until the water levels have receded and the soil has dried.

Despite these preparations, many areas in the Yorkshire region could still be detrimentally affected by devastating floods, as evident by the 2015 Sowerby Bridge Floods which were reported to have been the worst since 1968. Flash floods can affect commuters, business owners, school children and many more; as a specialist in drain relief, Alternative Drainage can assist you in providing an opportunity in defending against floods or recovering from the aftermath.

Our services include tending to septic tanks, water jetting, and general drain repairs or clearance for home, commercial, and industrial buildings. If you have noticed a potential flood risk or would like to learn more about our drainage services in Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Dewsbury and more areas across the region, feel free to call us on 0800 980 1362.