How does contaminated land affect our environment?

Land can be contaminated by various different kinds of substances, each of which come with their own risks, damages and consequences. At Alternative Drainage, we carry out all our drainage services and projects in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

With that in mind, we look into how contaminated land affects the environment across Yorkshire and the UK.

Firstly, it is important to understand what contaminated land is. Essentially it is any area of land that has been used for industrial purposes and has consequently been polluted with the following: heavy metals, oils and tar, chemicals, gases and asbestos.
Contaminated land on building availability

If it goes untreated, then contaminated land takes land out of circulation that could otherwise be used and developed upon. With regards to the UK Government’s targets with Brownfield site development, drainage companies have a responsibility to act environmentally friendly to avoid forcing developments on greenfield sites. This helps to sustainably develop on brownfield sites without destroying natural habitats, plants and trees.

Water pollution and the effect on marine life
Water pollution can occur as a result of land run-off. If rainwater falls onto land that that is contaminated, then this groundwater may eventually make its way into the sea and rivers. Contaminated groundwater contains things like petrol, oil, fertilizers and pesticides. The run-offs then go into the oceans and can create what is known as ‘dead-zones’ where no marine life can survive.

Benefits of woodlands on contaminated land
A process which is scientifically known as phytoremediation uses plants to treat environmental problems and contaminated land without needing any excavation. This process can actually benefit woodlands are able to grow despite the conditions and are there a much more environmentally friendly, and often cheaper, treatment method of contaminated land.

It is important that all drainage and sewage is dealt with and managed in an environmental way. Alternative Drainage has been providing environmentally friendly commercial and domestic drainage services across Yorkshire and the UK for over 25 years.

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