How Poor Drainage Can Impact Land Availability

As a land developer, there are an abundance of responsibilities to take into account prior to and after securing planning permission on brownfield land. One of these responsibilities is the effect that poor drainage and soil stability can have on the suitability and availability of the land.

Properties tend to be developed on two different types of land; Brownfield and Greenfield.
Brownfield land can be defined as:
• Land that has already been developed upon and had the property knocked down or approved to be redeveloped. In the UK, many brownfield sites were formerly home to factories and mill sites during the industrial revolution.
Greenfield land can be defined as:
• Undeveloped land used for agriculture or as part of the landscape. It is often classed as controversial to develop property on greenfield land.

According to Wakefield City Council: “Developers will be expected to submit an assessment of the feasibility of using sustainable drainage systems with their proposals for development. The Council will expect sustainable drainage techniques to be incorporated into the development wherever practical and planning conditions and/or legal agreements may be used to ensure that suitable maintenance plans for sustainable drainage systems are in place.”
The proposed sustainable drainage systems that are accepted by Wakefield Council include connections to one or more of the following:
• Public Sewer
• Package Treatment Plant
• Septic Tank
• Cesspool
This means that land developers must find a way of first, remediating the land they wish to develop and then evidencing a way of maintaining the suitability of it for human or animal use. Failure to provide appropriate and effective drainage systems for new developments will mean that more developers will seek to build on greenfield sites. The disadvantage of this however, means that the plant-life, habitats of wildlife and aspects of the food chain could be harmed.
Suitable drainage systems are a facility that all land developers should consider when building on brownfield or even greenfield sites, and the maintenance of these systems should be retained in order to provide appropriate residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

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