How to Unblock Your Sink

Alternative Drainage have cleared more drains in our time than we can remember. Both commercial and domestic clients come to us to help them with their drainage issues and one of the most common issues we get calls for is blocked drains.

Sometimes blocked, or slowly draining sinks, are a signifier of a larger issue. Though sometimes it is a simple thing, and calling someone like Alternative Drainage is slightly excessive. This is why we wanted to present a few home fixes that you can try, to rule out simple issues, before calling us to take a look.

Boiling water – one of the simplest ways to unblock your sink is to pour boiling water down the drain. Small blockages can be caused by a build-up of fats in the system. The boiling water will help melt and soften the fat, which will then drain away.

Baking soda and vinegar – if boiling water doesn’t work then you may to try a mixture of baking soda and clear vinegar. Mix three parts vinegar to one part baking soda, pour down the sink and leave it to soak before rinsing away with water. Even if it doesn’t work it will leave you with a sparkling clean sink.

Basic plumbing – often blockage can occur in the U-bend of the sink. This is actually quite an easy part to access and remove. Just remember, before carrying out any work switch the water off at the mains, then it is simply a case of unscrewing the U-bend and manually removing any blockages which exist there.

If the above methods do not work then it probably signifies that there is a larger issue, deeper in the water system. If this is the case then you may struggle to remedy it yourself. At this point we recommend calling a professional drainage service provider, such as Alternative Drainage. With over 25 years experience there are few drainage companies in Yorkshire who can boast as much experience as us.

To find out how we can help just call us on 0800 980 1362.