Identifying Discoloured Water in your Taps

Whilst the suitability of domestic drinking water is maintained at a high standard within West Yorkshire, errors in the pipelines or sewerage systems can result in discoloured water which can look harmful.

The varied spectrum of colours can differ from light yellow to dark brown. The causes of discoloured water can vary from:

  • Occurrence of natural substances such as iron or manganese
  • Disruption to the water mains
  • Deterioration and rust of the pipelines
  • Internal plumbing issues
  • Air can sometimes be trapped in the water mains, therefore giving water a milky/carbonated appearance when it comes from the tap.

By continuing the first incoming water tap, which is usually in the kitchen sink, for a few minutes, the water should become clear shortly. In this instance, the water will not be harmful. If it takes longer or doesn’t clear at all, it may be worth consulting nearby houses and neighbours to check if any of their taps are producing discoloured water.

In rare cases, there may be small particles, or residue emerging from the taps within your household, office or property. Should this be the case, it is likely that work or repairs to the water supply system (this could be planned or unplanned) has led to the infiltration of debris. The water may resemble a dark red/brown colour. In addition, houses built before 1970 may not have had the lead removed from their pipeline or drainage system. This could result in grey or black particles contaminating the water.

It should be noted that if the colour of the water emerging from your taps is green, pink, blue or another colour not mentioned above, there could be an issue with your drains. If you are experiencing discoloured water and are unsure if it is suitable for use, Alternative Drainage can use a dye test or another one of our methods to investigate any issues in your drains to help identify the issue. Call us on 0800 980 1362 for more information.