Investment in Yorkshire’s water and sewage industry

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It has recently been reported that Yorkshire Water has vowed to act on the issues relating to water and sewage across the area.

Yorkshire Water has announced that it will reduce the sewage escapes which cause pollution by 40 per cent, as well as cutting the incidents that result in internal flooding by 70%. The company says that it will create 300 new jobs with new 50 leak inspectors, as it pledges to drastically decrease the amount of water especially, interruptions and pollution incidents.

The new jobs to the local Yorkshire region, including includes new engineers, sewer technicians, and data analysts, are part of a multi-million-pound investment package which aims to raise Yorkshire Water’s performance compared to other water firms.

Further developments to the local drainage sector also come as Yorkshire water is planning to invest in new technology to help improve the management of its sewer and water networks across the area. This technology will include a team of data scientists that is tasked with assessing data to help make the company more responsive and efficient.

The team at Alternative Drainage is extremely pleased to see local organisation invest in the local water and drainage industry. Improving the local sewage networks will help to reduce the amount of drainage problems that may be disruptive for Yorkshire homeowners and businesses.

Alternative Drainage use state of the art camera and CCTV technology whereby our engineers and drainage experts are able to identify problems and blockages to ensure for a swift and efficient resolution.

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