6 Ways to Unblock Hair from your Drains

In the past, Alt Drainage have discussed what should and shouldn’t be drained in your sinks, showers, and toilets. We’ve...

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Alternative Drainage Provide Essential Works to New Leisure Complex

Alternative Drainage were recently called to provide some vital drainage works to a newly built leisure complex in the heart...

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How to Retrieve Something You’ve Dropped Down the Drain

From losing your wedding/engagement ring in the sink whilst doing the washing up, to your child dropping their favourite toy...

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Over 900 Blocked Drains Found in York

With over 900 blocked drains listed as ‘non-runners,’ York is currently facing a sewage crisis! Blocked with waste, tree roots,...

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Jingle Bells, Sewers Smell – What Not to Put Down the Sink This Christmas

It’s common knowledge that Christmas in UK is probably the biggest period for food, cooking, baking and drinking. It’s a...

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Pipe Insulation and Protection

Correct insulation around pipes is essential in running an efficient central heating system, frost prevention, and controlling condensation. Cheap, effective...

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