Water jetting to unblock drains

Water jetting is a highly effective method of unblocking drains and uses high pressure water jets to clear any stubborn...

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3 benefits of a good drainage system for your home

Your drain is a vitally important a part of your home and requires just as much love and maintenance as...

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Preparing your drains for summer

As Britain is currently basking in the first signs of warm weather and sunshine its worth taken a moment to...

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Fatbergs: What you need to know

A fatberg is a huge blockage that is found lurking in our sewers that has become infamous amongst drainage firms...

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Flood prevention in Leeds

After recent flood warnings across Leeds and Yorkshire, a local MP has urged the government to fully fund Leeds’ flood...

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Don’t flush Yorkshire puddings

Recent news articles have gone viral with news of domestic drains being blocked as a result of homeowners flushing Yorkshire...

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