Obscure Obstruction found in Midlands Water Treatment Plant

In our long history of clearing out drains in Yorkshire, Alternative Drainage have come across some very obscure items that have blocked pipelines and septic tanks. So, it often comes as no surprise when we hear about ambiguous objects found in the sewers.

In Cheltenham’s Hayden Sewage Treatment Works, Severn Trent Water came across an unexpected surprise. The water company discovered a pair of size 14 underpants in their system, with the name “Eileen” on the label stitched in the pants.

Representing Severn Trent, Paul Tingle said:
“We find all sorts of things in our sewers and in treatment works that simply shouldn’t be there because they could cause blockages.”
Whilst this was an unorthodox discovery, underwear is not the most unusual thing to discover in the sewers; previous findings have included shuttlecocks, trainers, and even dismantled bicycles!
Tingle continuing:

“I don’t think I need to tell anyone that putting your pants down the toilet is a bad idea, and ‘Eileen’ is very lucky that she didn’t cause the sewer pipe to flood both her home and her neighbours. There’s a reason why we ask everyone to only put three P’s down the toilet – pee, poo and paper. Certainly not pants!”

As Yorkshire’s drainage experts ourselves, Alternative Drainage understand the frustration of finding objects such as that in sewage pipes, due to the difficulties that they can cause to homes, offices, restaurants and more properties. The more unsuitable items that are flushed or drained incorrectly, the more likely floods and blockages are to occur which can be very disruptive for homeowners and business owners.

In the event that a blockage does occur, whether by accident or by the negligence of someone like ‘Eileen’ flushing her underwear down the drain, Alternative Drainage provide maintenance, repairs, and clearance for commercial, domestic drains throughout the Yorkshire region. We operate a 24/7 response, so if you notice any issues, feel free to give us a call on 0800 980 1362.