Potential Health Risk of Bad Drainage

Whilst it may not be common knowledge, poorly managed domestic, commercial and industrial drains in Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Bradford can have some very serious health risks; for ecology, human health and the atmosphere. In your home, you, your family, guests and pets could be detrimentally affected. Here, we identify the ways in which bad drainage can have these negative health effects:

1. Poisonous Gases:
Usually prevented from entering the home via plumbing traps (U-Bends) installed within the household’s drainage system, with an underused or faulty trap, harmful gases can permeate homes through fixtures such as home furnaces or water heaters. The gases that could be present include:
• Carbon dioxide
• Methane
• Chlorine
• Nitrous oxide
• Hydrogen sulphide
• Sulfur dioxide
Presence of any one of these could be especially harmful to asthmatics, young children, pets and pregnant women, so we would recommend always being involved in the consultation and installation of any home fixtures that could permeate these substances, as they can often be odourless.

2. Man-made chemicals:
Often, man-made products are used to clean and clear drains and sinks. Whilst this is an acceptable method of cleaning fixtures associated with the piping systems, the chemicals in the products are harmful if they come into contact with humans or animals. Should there ever be a backlog of blockage or an overflow, the chemicals could re-enter the home.

3. Bacteria/Pathogens:
Although the body contains specific bacteria within us that are harmless, if many of these are ingested again once leaving the body, severe illness can occur. One of the risks of a faulty drainage network is the chance of harmful bacteria re-entering our homes through water fixtures used for cooking and cleansing. During a sewage leak, the likelihood of this increases, meaning the following pathogens could return:
• E-coli
• Shigella
• Campylobacter
• Salmonella
• Cholera

4. Explosions:
Whilst this may be the most extreme of hazards, the risk of it occurring increases with a poorly installed or badly maintained drainage system. Some of the gases, chemicals and bacteria above, when exposed to certain temperatures, small flames, or other flammable substances, can result in a chemical reaction and explode.

Continued negligence of your drains could increase the risk of a worst-case scenario occurring.
As a leading drain contractor operating in the Yorkshire region and beyond, Alternative Drainage are aware of the inconvenience that blocked or damaged drains can cause. However, another part of what we do is protect homes and businesses potential health risks of raw sewage.

As a homeowner in Leeds, Wakefield, Dewsbury, or Bradford if drainage maintenance wasn’t a priority for you before, maybe it’s something worth considering now. If you would like to speak to a member of the Alternative Drainage team regarding our household drain clearance and maintenance services, please feel free to call us on 0800 980 1362.