Pre-CCTV Surveys for New Property Owners

When it comes to becoming the new owner of a property, there are bound to be plenty of factors to consider, such as roof inspections, and electrical testing. Another factor to consider are pre-purchased drain CCTV surveys.

What is a CCTV Survey?
These can be carried out for both domestic and commercial properties. Using special CCTV cameras, the drainage engineer can investigate drainpipes to find the root of issues such as holes and cracks, displaced joints, root intrusions, and a build-up of debris. This in turn will make it easier for the engineer to decide the most effective method of resolving the issue.

Why are they important for new homeowners?
Although CCTV surveys aren’t a compulsory home-buying survey, it is a task that should be heavily considered. without one, the drain issues that are not obvious to you above ground could cause expensive call outs in the future.

This is also a consideration for drainage systems belonging to commercial properties. The cost of a pre-purchase camera survey will be far less than the cost of a call out to resolve a long-standing issue, which could be detrimental to the profits of the business. In addition to this, drains are a pivotal part of any building, and a major issue could cause distractions or time away from work for staff; again, harming productivity and potentially profits. Similarly, for landlords, it will allow you to have a true understanding of the state of your property before renting it out to tenants.

More unacknowledged benefits of pre-purchase CCTV Surveys the reductions they can offer to the mortgage repayments, and the asking price of the property.
Having a survey conducted could mean that the mortgage lender is more likely to offer a more competitive rate on the grounds of there being less risk to the property, therefore reducing the repayments.

How to get a CCTV Survey done?
To book a CCTV Survey, you can contact a member of the Alternative Drainage team via phone 24/7 on 0800 980 136. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at Our expert engineers have experience conducting surveys for home and commercial properties throughout the Yorkshire region, in areas such as Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield. Simply get in touch for any more information on the drain repair and clearance services we provide.