The Possible Future of Drainage Systems

Many industries have been improved by technology and innovation throughout the years. Now smartphones are almost taken for granted, there is the prospect of driver-less cars soon entering mainstream society. It begs the question as to whether modern technology could be used to preserve, improve, and reinstate the efficiency and future of our drainage and water network.

At an event hosted by the Future Water Association to celebrate their annual awards last month, the prospect of how technology could be used to reinforce the future of our drainage systems was discussed. Futurologist and guest speaker at the event James Bellini gave a speech to the audience that covered the world’s growing water gap, and the potential ways of solving it.

“We are familiar with 3D printing, with machines creating three-dimensional objects. There is now an emerging technology of 4D printing, which introduces self-assembly or modification over time.
Maybe we can look forward to underground water pipes that used 4D printing to repair themselves or modify their shape or connections depending on circumstance and need.”

Bellini then went on to discuss how alterations in human eating habits, and changes in how we utilise the environment could have an impact on reducing the currently growing water shortage.

These latest ideas include:
• Humans consuming less cattle protein and consuming more insect protein; a move that countries like Belgium have welcomed by approving 10 insects for human consumption.
• Smarter irrigation to use less water in organic food production.
• Vertical farming techniques where all variables contributed to food production can be controlled, and energy resources can be minimised.

More detailed information regarding Bellini’s ideas for the future of drainage can be found here.

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