Septic Tank Emptying and Repair in Harrogate

Alternative Drainage recently popped out to Harrogate to carry out a few jobs on a homeowner’s septic tank and drainage system.

The client originally called us as their drains weren’t behaving properly and his septic tank needed emptying, so they thought they would kill two birds with stone and get both jobs looked at, at the same time.

After carrying out an initial site survey, which included a CCTV inspection, we found that the client needed a 12-metre pipe re-line, due to root intrusion. Septic tanks are common on rural properties, and the gardens of such properties are usually large and have a good amount of plants and trees. Therefore we are always wary when we see trees near a septic tank, and will usually carry out an inspection just for safety’s sake.

In this case we discovered that roots from a nearby tree had started growing though the drainage system, which was severely impacting the proper operation of the system. So our engineers got to work putting everything back as it should be.

First they emptied the septic tank and used a high pressure water jet to clean the tank and pipe entirely. They then carried out the root cutting procedure, and installed a 12 metre reline on the damaged pipe.

The client should now have perfectly clear free flowing drains, and no doubt we’ll be back on site next time their septic tank needs emptying.

If you have a septic tank on your home that needs emptying and cleaning, or any repairs carrying out on your home drainage system then Alternative Drainage can help. To find out how just call us on 0800 980 1362.