How to Spot a Blocked Drain

Blockages don’t just happen overnight. In most cases, blocked drains are a result of weeks or even months of built up waste. However, once a problem has started to take its toll it will soon become noticeable. This is why we’ve put together a ‘how to’ on noticing the signs of a blocked drain early on, so you can get them sorted before the problem gets a lot worse.

The first sign or ‘symptom’ you can look for is relatively simple. One of the most obvious signs that your drain could be blocked is toilet water not draining fully, or even rising in great amounts when you flush. If the blockage is particularly bad it may not even drain out at all. However, do not fear if only one of your toilets or sinks is doing this – singular problems as such will usually fix themselves, however if more than one sink or toilet is performing this way or if flushing the toilet causes water to rise in showers or sinks or running the tap causes toilet water to rise, you have a blocked drain on your hands. You may need to call a professional as the issue could be bigger than you’re capable of handling.

Another sign you can look for is the smell. Blocked drains have a distinct smell. There’s no need to go looking for it as once it’s started to odourise, you’ll definitely know about it. If something has blocked the drain and began to rot down there, the bad smell will indicate this. Odours usually occur before you can physically see the blockage, so if you catch a smell of something unpleasant around your plugholes or outside drain, don’t ignore it!

Some blocked drains can even have sound effects. If your pipes are rattling or your fixtures sound abnormal then you may have a problem. Gurgling sounds from plugholes, toilet flushes and pipes could be the early sign of a drainage blockage. This unpleasant sound is created when air gets trapped in the pipes by the blockage and is displaced and pushed through the system.

All three of these signs, singularly are a cause for concern so if you’re experiencing more than one, you may need to raise the red flags and call a professional. Luckily, we can help! Here at Alternative Drainage we provide a 24/7 emergency call out service so if you’ve got a drain that needs sorting ASAP, give us a call on 0800 9801362.