Top three Benefits of Regular Septic System Maintenance

Many homeowners that have a septic tank installed at their property should have it inspected every three to five years. If you have a big family and a small septic tank, then this may need to be inspected and pumped annually.

Due to the maintenance of septic tanks being infrequent, a lot of homeowners can underestimate its importance, but it is still an extremely essential task. Here are some of the many benefits that come with the regular maintenance of your domestic septic tank.

  1. Problems are caught early on
    any possible cause for concern such as a fault, issue, or overflow can be identified before they cause serious damage and dealt with swiftly. When a professional inspects your septic tank, they will be looking for things like cracks in the tank and blockages in the pipes.
  2. Advise you on new habits
    The specialist that comes to inspect your septic tank may be able to advise you on habits to improve the effectiveness of your tank and avoid future issues. There are some things that should never be flushed such as wet wipes and nappies. Over time, these can block and damage your septic tank, which the professional will notice and advise you against.
  3. You don’t have to worry about sewage backups

If your septic tank gets too full or seems to be on the verge of overflowing before you have it pumped, you could end up with dangerous sewage spilling in your garden or homes. Raw sewage is extremely dangerous and can contain things like bacteria, viruses and parasites. By scheduling regular maintenance and inspections, the specialist will move solid waste from the tank before it causes a backup.

Alternative Drainage provide a high quality and comprehensive septic tank maintenance service to homeowners and businesses across Yorkshire and the UK. This includes inspecting, emptying and cleaning septic tanks to ensure they can work to their full capability.

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