Drain Wastewater Management: Why Is It So Important?

Previously, we have discussed where wastewater comes from, and where it goes. However, in this topic we are going to discuss why managing it properly is so important.

In some countries, the water drained from bathtubs, sinks and toilets from all types of buildings is often pumped directly into the ocean or fresh water bodies before receiving treatment from a plant. Thankfully, here in the UK we benefit from a sewage system that forces wastewater to go through many various stages before being pumped into water bodies or returned for public consumption. Our regional water treatment services are most likely to be handled by Yorkshire water, however their competency in providing safe water for consumption is dependent upon public disposal through drains.

Inevitably, improper disposal of certain products such as wet wipes or microbeads find their way into the sewage system but what are the major repercussions of this?

Polluted Ecosystems:
Each ecosystem is connected and therefore dependent upon each other. Water is necessary for many ecosystems to survive and similarly all water bodies are connected in some way whether it is through reuse, or animal consumption. Contaminants in the water over an extended period could result in the depletion of some species. This inevitably has a knock-on effect on the food chain.

Agriculture, Fisheries, and Tourism:

Plants need water to survive and are also central to the eco system as many animals depend on certain shrubs to survive. Some of these animals are also consumed by humans, therefore if diseases are picked up by the animals from plants and water, there is a chance that this could be passed on to humans. Vegetation can also be affected by inadequate water quality too, which could have a similar effect.

The sea life that lives in the water bodies is likely to either die-off or catch a disease from polluted water, which will affect fishing in the area. In addition to this, the likelihood that the water body could have an unpleasant smell because of pollution can be detrimental to tourism of the area.

Whilst it may seem drastic, that is why it is important to only flush the ā€œThree Pā€™sā€ down the toilet and be weary of what goes down the sink; everything eventually has a knock-on effect. On a more immediate level, the disadvantages of inadequate liquid disposal can cause damage to your domestic or commercial drains. In cases like this, Alternative Drainage have trained experts who will come and deal with the issue. Should you require more information on managing the efficiency and standard of your drains, feel free to call Alternative Drainage on 0800 980 1362.