What is High Pressure Water Jetting?

High pressure water jetting has a number of commercial benefits and is an extremely effective method of cleaning and unblocking drains.

Jet washing has been used across a number of different industries, such as oil and gas, the steel industry, and is equally useful in the commercial and domestic drainage industry.

Due to the stubbornness of most drainage and sewer blockages, they can be tough to deal with just by hand. There are many methods which can be used to clean and unblock drainage systems and water jetting is undoubtedly one of the most effective.

Drain jetting uses highly pressurised water that is forced out of a nozzle or hose to blast away any stubborn blockages. Unfortunately, most of what causes build-ups in sewers are things that should not be flushed down our drains, such as fats, oils wet wipes and other sanitary products.

Fats are notoriously problematic as they congeal with other substances that have been flushed to create what is known as a fatberg. Also, fats solidify during cold weather which makes it urn solid and is incredibly difficult to remove naturally. Similarly, fats can stick to the sides of the pipes which gradually narrows them over time.

The high power of water jetting can blast away wet wipes and small clumps of fat that are stuck in the drainage systems. This helps increase the flow of wastewater through the drainage sewage systems which helps to naturally flush out waste.

Whilst water jetting should predominantly be left to professional drainage engineers, if you notice a small blockage in your own drain or garden this could be useful to try. The chances are if the blockage is relatively minor the water jet should blast it through the system. This is only advisable if you already own a water jet as the machine may only get used once but the cost can be more expensive than a professional call out.

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