What to do if you have smelly drains

Unfortunately, the first sign of a drainage issue at a house or domestic property is usually a nasty smell. This combined with leaking pipes or backed-up drains can make day-to-day life a real nightmare.

If you are suffering from domestic drainage issues, it is important that you seek to rectify the problem immediately, not only to improve your living conditions but also to limit the amount of damage caused.  Some of the main things you should consider first are the bathroom and kitchen drains and backed-up sewers.

Bathroom and kitchen drains

Fortunately, one of the most common causes of malodorous drains in your homes is also one of the simplest to rectify. If your shower or sinks are having trouble draining water this will likely be due to a build-up of hair or food down the plugholes. You can easily and inexpensively unblock this drain yourself and get rid of the foisty smell with bleach and boiling water.

Backed-up sewer

Blocked sewers are almost always caused by a build-up of cooking fats, wet wipes and general sanitary items. Although, depending on the weather, heavy rainfall or clumps of falling leaves can also disrupt sewage systems. This build-up will prevent sewage from being flushed out of the system and eventually accumulate leading to a foul smell in the area. If the blocked area falls within your property lines, then you are responsible to rectify the issue.

If you are experiencing issues with a blocked sewer, in most cases this will mean you need to call out a professional. Alternative Drainage will perform various methods of inspections to locate and diagnose the fault, including CCTV surveys and dye testing.

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