Who Is Responsible For My Household Drains?

The homeowner is responsible for every pipe inside of their property. This includes pipes connected to toilets, sinks, bathtubs and any other drains connected to the outside of the premises. In addition to this, the homeowner is accountable for the segments of the pipe leading up until it reaches a gully close to the property or until it reaches a public sewer.

Plumbing and drainage cover could be covered in your home insurance plan if you have one. Alternatively, it could be covered in a separate agreement you have with an external service provider. Should this be the case, contact your provider or insurance company to find out if you can claim under your insurance.

It may be that you are a tenant and do not own the property. If so, you should contact your landlord and report the problem to them, however if there is refusal to co-operate, Environmental Health is your next port of call. If none of the above suffice, and you have tried DIY methods, then you should consult a professional drain maintenance contractor.

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