5 drain tips for the winter months

As the temperature begins to drop and the days get darker, the last thing homeowners want to deal with is blocked drains or frozen pipes. With so much going on over the Christmas and New Year period, homeowners and landlords across the country will want to avoid any drainage or domestic related issues.

Due to the increased use and drastically changing temperatures, frozen pipes can lead to a lot of disruptive consequences during the colder months such as lack of hot water or blockages. Here are some top tips to help homeowners to look after their drains during winter:

  1. Locate your stop valve which is under your sink and check it regularly. This valve can corrode over time and it is therefore important that you check it every couple of weeks to ensure it is still working properly.
  2. Before and after you use your kitchen drain, flush away any small particles that may be stuck to the inside of the pipe by running cold water through it. Unflushed debris could freeze and lead to a nasty blockage.
  3. Pour any oil or into a disposable container and throw it away instead of pouring it down the drain. The cold weather can turn any grease or oil in your drainage system solid which can again lead to a blockage.
  4. Simply because of the excess fallen leaves and rainwater, the outdoor drains are more likely to block in the winter months. We, therefore, recommend you keep them free of debris so you are less likely to have any difficulties.
  5. If you are a landlord, and nobody is currently residing in the property, this will mean no hot water is running through the system. With the pipes being subjected to constant sub-zero temperatures this can cause them to freeze or crack much quicker than usual. Try to go round every couple of weeks and turn on the taps to run hot water through the system.

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