Since Alternative Drainage was established in the 1980’s we have worked hard to obtain the drainage industry standard accreditations. This enables us to provide a high quality drainage service across West Yorkshire. For more information on the accreditations we currently hold, please see below:

National Sewerage Association (NSA)

The National Sewerage Association is one of the leading union groups of which Alternative Drainage is a member. This union represents the interests of companies connected in all different departments of the sewerage industry, including maintenance and drain repairs. It has established itself as a leading representative and regularly meets with standards committees.

The group acts as a forum for its members and looks to strengthen industry standards as well as discovering new marketing opportunities. It also acts as a focus of complaints and technical enquiries. The group preaches high standards and members are able to take advantage of training courses, which include working in hostile environments and confined spaces.

We have been working with this association for a number of years to ensure that we remain at the very pinnacle of industry standards. We are able to raise questions and receive positive feedback, which in turn means we can offer a more comprehensive drainage service across the Yorkshire region.

For more information on the NSA visit

National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC)

The National Association of Drainage Contractors is one of the leading training providers across the drainage industry, specialising in courses in a number of different areas. Alternative Drainage have been members of this group for a long time and have used the service to provide our top engineers with training courses in Water Jetting, Drain Lining and Confined Space work, as well as many other courses that enable us to offer a fully qualified and specialist service.

The NADC sets out many aims across the industry which include being the central representative body that puts the views forward of their members to the government and local authorities. They also work hard to provide a technical hub with guidance and advice on legal and regulatory developments that will have impacts on all their members. This has been beneficial for ourselves as it helps us keep up to date with the latest changes, and allows us to adapt accordingly.

As well as these top services, they also provide forums for exchanging information, promotion of certified professionals and help with information and tendering for contracts with schools, hospitals and property developers.

To find out more about the NADC and how they continue to providing training to our staff, visit

Construction Skills

The CITB is the industry chosen training board for the construction industry in the UK, working with companies to enhance their safety quality and professionalism within the industry. Through their support and funding, Alternative Drainage has been able to send employees on specific training courses that develop their individual skill sets.

The CITB also works heavily in the training of new employees and those who are on apprenticeship schemes. This helps to provide a greater level of quality as a whole across the drainage industry.

Alternative Drainage has been using the training provided by CITB to enable us to become one of the best drainage service providers within the area. We regularly send employees on CITB courses to gain valuable knowledge of various drainage disciplines. The body is extremely useful when new working environment legislation is released and offer quick refresher sessions and guidance letters accordingly.

For more information on CIT training courses, see

Confined Space qualified – ESS Safeforce

Alternative Drainage’s expert engineers are usually faced with the task of dealing with drainage issues in very confined spaces. Because of this, all our staff are sent on a confined space training course which provides tuition in the correct procedures and health and safety considerations when working within tight spaces. The ESS Safeforce course that all our staff recently undertook enabled us to gain a thorough understanding of the hazards associated with this type of work, whilst informing our team on the correct ways to enter and exit the spaces.

The ESS Safeforce day course also guided us on how to look for changes in the confined space environment, how to use gas monitors, interpret them properly and how to correctly fit all the safety equipment. Our team were also able to enhance their skills in a practical manner with on hand tuition during this process. Upon completion every single one of our engineers was presented with a photo ID which confirms our commitment to proper training for our staff and means that they are legal to work within such an environment.

For more information on the ESS Confined Space training course, check out

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