Basic drainage maintenance tips

Blocked drains can be a real nuisance and cause a lot of chaos for domestic or commercial properties. There are plenty of measures you can take to try and rectify your blocked drains before having to call out a drainage engineer.

By giving your drains a bit of TLC from time to time you can help to prevent these mishaps from happening and help prolong the life of your drains. Here are some of the top tips for drainage maintenance.

Think carefully about chemical products

Chemical drain clearing products can look great and may even be able to solve to from, but many of them are corrosive. Most shop-bought products will be tested and regulated so that this isn’t the case, especially in the ones in supermarkets so these are fine to use. It has become increasingly popular for homeowners to turn to the internet for advice on stubborn blockages and by litres of chemicals to use as a ‘quick fix’.

Think about what’s being flushed down

The may be the most important factor we try to hammer home as much as possible. Only certain things should be flushed into your drainage systems, whether it be down your toilet or sink. never flush wet wipes or sanitary products down your toilet and try to avoid putting anything that’s not a liquid down your sinks.

Rinse your drains regularly

A quick blast of hot water every time you use your drain will help to prevent unwanted things sticking to the side of your pipes and getting stuck somewhere in your drains. For an added blast put some vinegar down the sink and then follow that up with a rinse of water soon after.

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