CCTV Drainage Surveys 

If you suspect you might have a drainage issue, a CCTV drainage survey is the most effective way to diagnose the problem. Instead of having to dig a hole or trench to investigate the drainage system, we can send a CCTV drain camera into the drain to find out the cause of the problem.

We carry out drainage surveys for businesses across Yorkshire that have suspected broken or damaged drainpipes or other drainage problems.

Even for small drains, using CCTV cameras can help an engineer to establish the condition of a drain or drainpipe and the root of a drainage problem.

CCTV drain surveys can find areas of root penetration in drainpipes and uncover any bad joints or structural defects that might require a drain repair or maintenance work.

Once we’ve completed a thorough inspection of the drain, we can then compile a survey report with details on what the problem is and how it was caused along with the work required to solve the issue.

What issues can a CCTV drainage survey find?

CCTV drain surveys are the most efficient way to find the cause of a drainage problem, from the simple things like blockages to the bigger issues like broken pipes. A CCTV survey will identify various drainage problems including:

  • Pipe cracks and holes
  • Leaks
  • Broken pipes
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Corrosion
  • Displaced joints
  • Open joint
  • Blockages or build-up of debris
  • Defective pitch fibre

How is a CCTV drain survey conducted?

  1. When you book a survey with Alternative Drainage, our engineer will arrive at the specified time and discuss the issue before setting up the CCTV technology and equipment.
  2. The engineer will get access to your drains and insert the most suitable camera equipment for your drainage system.
  3. This will feedback a live view to the engineer on a computer so they can observe the conditions of your drain and identify any fault or blockage at this stage.
  4. The engineer will report back on the findings along with their recommendations of what repair work is required.

Cheaper and easier than digging out, exposing and breaking into a drain, a CCTV drain surveys is now the preferred method of investigating the condition of existing drainage.

A CCTV drain survey can establish the cause of frequent drain blockages or investigate subsidence or other structural movement in a commercial property.

Alternative Drainage invest in the latest cutting edge CCTV surveillance equipment to meet the evolving needs of businesses across Yorkshire and the team are fully equipped with the latest systems including sonar tracing equipment, a variety of mainline crawlers and pushrods cameras.

Alternative Drainage’s operators are fully trained and experienced to OS20X, a recognised standard of reporting on CCTV surveys and a benchmark by which all commercial drainage survey reports will be carried out.

Example CCTV Survey Plans

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