Drain Repairs

Damaged drains are a common problem for homes and businesses in Yorkshire. Drain repairs can be needed for a number of different reasons from the minor things like blockages and small cracks through to more serious problems such as fixing collapsed drains.

Commercial Drain Repair

We have drain repair engineers in Yorkshire, dealing with broken drains, collapsed sewer pipes and other drainage problems.

We can provide a variety of drain repair services ranging from repairing manhole benching to fixing collapsed sewer pipes in the road.

What are the signs of a collapsed drain?

It’s important to act fast with collapsed drain repair to minimise damage and repair costs. These are the signs to watch out for:

  • Repeat blockages- if you experience frequently blocked drains or sewage backups at your property, it may be a collapsed drain causing the issue.
  • Foul smells- the odour of sewage is usually a good indicator of drainage problems. Smelling sewage can also be a sign of a blockage but if this still happens after the blockage is removed, it’s likely a collapsed drain.
  • Slow drains- you might notice slow drains when there’s a blockage but if this is still an issue after drain clearance, a more serious issue might be the cause.
  • Signs of damp- in more serious cases, a collapsed drain can mean the flow of water to your property is disrupted, leading to patches of damp or mould in localised areas.

Drain Repair Services

Different forms of drain repair include relining and patch repairs or excavation when the drain or sewer has collapsed and access is poor. The type of drain damage will ultimately influence the method of drain repair.

The Alternative Drainage team have considerable experience of drain and sewer repairs and replacing broken drains with the knowledge and skills to complete drain repairs in any location across Yorkshire.

A range of different drain repair methods are used on clay to plastic pipes and pitch fibre to concrete drains.

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