Grease Trap Emptying

Grease traps are designed for waste management in commercial kitchens to help prevent harmful grease, fats and oils from entering the drainage system and causing a blockage.

As grease can build up very quickly, it’s essential to maintain grease traps with a regular grease trap emptying service.

Alternative Drainage can help to prevent drainage blockages and keep your grease trap performing efficiently.

Commercial grease trap emptying

With commercial grease trap emptying, catering and food processing businesses can be sure that kitchen grease traps are efficiently cleaned and maintained and that the waste removed is environmentally managed and disposed of safely.

Benefits of our grease trap emptying service:

  • Regular and reliable service to suit you
  • Local service in Yorkshire
  • Experienced drainage technicians
  • Safe and efficient disposal of waste grease and oils
  • Compliance with local regulations and industry standards
  • Peace of mind knowing your grease trap is properly maintained

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