Drain Tree Root Removal

Alternative Drainage provides tree root cutting services for businesses and homes across Yorkshire that are having trouble with blockages and other drainage problems caused by the intrusion of tree roots.

Drain Root Cutting

Once tree roots have penetrated a drain, blockages will almost certainly follow as trapped solid matter will start to build up and cause blockages.

High pressure jetting will often break a hole in the tree root, temporarily restoring flow within the drain. However, over time, the tree roots will return and the drainage problem will continue to occur.

Tree Root Cutting Service

A root cut will provide a long-term solution and leave the drain free-flowing. The root cutter uses the same pressure as a water jetting machine, giving sufficient strength for the removal of even the most established tree roots.

Alternative Drainage has advanced tree root cutting equipment designed to remove the root intrusion without damaging the pipe and provide quick, effective and permanent drain clearance with minimum disruption to your business and customers.

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