Fatbergs: What you need to know

A fatberg is a huge blockage that is found lurking in our sewers that has become infamous amongst drainage firms across Yorkshire and the UK.

When property owners flush fats, oils and grease down their drains this works like glue and sticks with other flushed waste, debris and material and creates an ever-growing ball of waste. The fatbergs then block and stick to everything that is put in its path including cotton buds, food and wet wipes matter which constantly grows bigger in size and becomes even more damaging to the drains.

During colder weather, the fats and grease harden and solidify which forms a stubborn structure that cannot be broken down naturally and would require the work of a drainage specialist. Yorkshire homeowners pour lots of oil down their sinks after they’ve finished cooking, unbeknown to the damage it can cause

The world’s largest fatberg was recently discovered in a London sewer and a piece has been exhibited at the London museum to raise awareness for drainage maintenance. This particular fatberg weighed around 140 tonnes and was 250 metres in length, which is roughly 11 double-decker buses or 2 football pitches long.

For Alternative Drainage, fatbergs are all too common in sewers and drains across the whole Yorkshire region. During our drainage services such as drain clearance, repair and CCTV surveys, we regularly see signs that a fatberg has in some way contributed to the damage.

We tackle fatbergs on a constant basis, and they are incredibly difficult to remove and many of them have to be removed by chipping away at them by hand. The worlds largest fatberg required 4 cranes to lift and remove it.

If you suspect the drain local to you is blocked or broken, contact Alternative Drainage today and a member of our team will come and take a look.