Flood prevention in Leeds

After recent flood warnings across Leeds and Yorkshire, a local MP has urged the government to fully fund Leeds’ flood prevention scheme after a near miss.

The recent heavy rainfall was reminiscent of the disastrous boxing day floods of 2015 and has increased the urgency for government-backed flood prevention across the area.

Ahead of an upcoming spending review by the government, local MP Rachel Reeves wrote to Environment Secretary Michael Gove and Chancellor Philip Hammond about the importance of the investment into Leeds’ infrastructure.

Ms Reeves wrote: In the past few days, Kirkstall in my constituency and other areas were again hit by heavy rains that left many people wondering if they were on the brink of being flooded.

“It was a near miss that gave many people sleepless nights – something that they are being forced to endure repeatedly as a result of Government inaction”.

“More than three years on from Storm Eva, it appears the Government is still refusing to provide Leeds with the promised level of flood protection required to keep people and businesses safe. Businesses and households in Leeds cannot afford any further delays. The absence of flood defences is literally keeping people awake at night every time there is heavy rain. That has to end”.

The investment would be great for the region and provide a lot of comfort, stability and protection to local land, businesses and homes from the devastating damage of floods for over 100 years. Whilst severe flooding can obviously damage properties it also causes lots of sub-level damage to local drainage systems and sewers which overflow and get blocked by dirt and debris.

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