These Foods Should Never Go Down The Sink

A blocked drain in the kitchen is not only problematic in terms of not being able to use the sink, but it also tends to smell really bad too. Luckily there are several easy steps you can take to prevent your drain from becoming blocked in the first place. One of these is to make sure the following items of food are never rinsed down the plug:

1. Oil

Oil is a very common culprit when it comes to blocked drains. Whilst it may pour away as a liquid, it can solidify on the inside of the pipe which means that the passageway for water to flow down becomes much narrower, eventually resulting in a blockage. Waste oil should be disposed of in a jar or other sealable container before being put in the bin.

2. Vegetable peelings

Vegetable peelings, in particular potato peelings, are another source of problems in kitchen drains. Whilst they may fit down the plughole if you give them a bit of a push, they will cause problems within the pipes, becoming soft and mushy and limiting the amount of water that can drain away.

3. Coffee

Cafetiere coffee taste great, but the grounds from the cafetiere are not great for your sink. Rather than washing them away down the plughole they should be disposed of separately. If you have a compost bin or heap then put them there instead, or else they should go in the bin to avoid a build-up of debris in your pipe.

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