Preparing Your Drains For Summer

You might associate blocked drains with the wetter and colder months, but summertime comes with its own drainage problems. A damaged drain can be a huge inconvenience to your summer plans, so now is a great time to prepare your drains for summer to make sure you can enjoy the warm weather and avoid expensive repair costs.


Common summer drainage problems

The most common problems we see in both commercial businesses and residential properties in summer are below:

Tree root ingress

Summer is the time of year when trees grow the most. And with trees and plants growing upwards, their roots also grow. This can often lead to tree roots causing damage or blocking drainage pipes. When this happens, we offer a tree root cutting service to remove the offending roots and carry out any repairs your drain needs to function properly again.

Slow clearing shower drains

Summer is also a common time for shower and bath unblocking callouts. It’s common for Brits to take more showers in the warmer weather to stay cool and hygienic, which can lead to problems. With baths and showers, the worst culprit is usually hair and fluff blocking the pipes. Sometimes an off-the-shelf drain unblocker will do the trick but if you’re still noticing the water is slow to clear after a bath or shower, you might need a professional service to help fix the issue.

Outdoor drain debris

Trees and plants growing throughout the summer can also mean shedding leaves and debris that can easily get washed into our drains from the street, particularly with the flash rain storms we often see after a period of soaring temperatures.

Clogged drains

Clogged drains can happen any time of year but it’s often a smelly drain that we notice first because of the heat and spending more time outdoors. In summer, the heat can encourage bacteria to grow and make the smell from any food scraps or other debris that have ended up in your pipes much worse. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you bin any food scraps and don’t wash food, oil, fat or grease down your sink.

Why is summer a good time for drain maintenance?

Even if you don’t have drainage problems now, this time of year is ideal to look after your drains and make sure you don’t develop a problem in future.

Better weather conditions

When the sun’s out, it means we can finally get outside to enjoy it and this is a great time to check your drains for any potential issues and schedule a professional maintenance service if you need to.

Fix issues before the colder weather returns

We associate the winter months with frozen pipes and blockages which can make things more complicated to resolve if you ignore any issues in the summer. Summer presents the best time to make sure your drains are in a good condition ready for when the colder weather hits again. Something that might be easy to fix in the summer could end up as a more difficult and costly repair if it’s left until winter when other problems could arise.

Prevent problems

Most of the issues we mentioned above such as foul smelling drains can be easily prevented with regular drain maintenance. The start of summer is a good time to carry out any preventative measures such as drain cleaning to prevent the bad smells that summer can bring.

Summer presents a good opportunity to carry out maintenance predominantly because it the conditions are generally nicer, brighter and easier to work in when it’s not freezing cold or pouring with rain outside. Catching drainage problems whilst there isn’t an excessive amount of water will make it easier to remove and dispose of a dry blockage.

Alternative Drainage provide a range of domestic and commercial drainage surveys to homeowners and business owners across the Yorkshire region. Our services include CCTV drain surveys for identifying blocked drains and drainage clearance and maintenance to rectify any problems.

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