Preparing your drains for summer

As Britain is currently basking in the first signs of warm weather and sunshine its worth taken a moment to prepare our drains so that we aren’t hit by unavoidable costs of drainage repairs that exacerbate in warm weather.

A damaged drain can be a huge inconvenience and dampener to any plans that you may have for the summer, so try sparing a moment to get on top of it before it’s too late.

Most people associate blocked drains with the wetter and colder winter months and give little thought to the summertime. Summer can, in fact, be one of the worst seasons for blockages as trees and brushes grow significantly and regularly shed their leaves. These eventually got blown into our drainage and sewage systems consequently causing a blockage.

Another reason why summer is particularly bad for drainage systems across Yorkshire is a blockage because of the foul smell that it can give off. Drains are used as a system to flush toilet waste through until it can get treated. If a blockage causes this waste to build up it will start to get hot and give off an extremely foul smell.

Summer presents a good opportunity to carry out maintenance predominantly because it the conditions are generally nicer, brighter and easier to work in when it’s not freezing cold or pouring with rain outside. Catching drainage problems whilst there isn’t an excessive amount of water will make it easier to remove and dispose of a dry blockage.

Alternative Drainage provide a range of domestic and commercial drainage surveys to homeowners and business owners across the Yorkshire region. Our services include CCTV surveys for identifying blocked drains and drainage clearance and maintenance to rectify any problems.

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