Commercial pump out service provided for Fenay Bridge Pub

The Alternative Drainage team took a short drive to Huddersfield recently to carry out an on-site pump out at Fenay Bridge Pub after they were experiencing difficulties with their pump station.

Our drainage team in Ossett, Wakefield got the call in the morning from the management staff of the pub and due to our quick emergency response service our engineers were on the premises by the afternoon inspecting the situation.

Pumping stations are sewage collection systems which are generally designed to handle raw sewage feed from underground gravity pipelines. They are a lot of the time found by canals, hence why the Fenay Bridge Pub has one nearby.

The Alternative Drainage team met with the pump engineers that were originally called out onto the premises to find that the pumps were not pumping away properly. We recommended that a pump out service needed to be carried out to prevent any damage to the station and pipes which could cause the customer to face a hefty bill.

Our commercial pump out services are generally used when a burst pipe has occurred during flooding as the additional water can become too much for the drains to handle. Using the same process in what we would do when a flood occurs, we sucked out the water of the pump station using the latest drainage equipment to allow the engineers to fix the pump. We then sent our engineers back to the pub premises to check all was working correctly afterwards.

Alternative Drainage provide a range of commercial drainage services to an extensive range of business industries across the Leeds, Wakefield and Huddersfield region including repair and installing drains. For more information call their Wakefield team on 0800 980 1362.