Commercial Drainage Sectors

We provide drainage services to commercial sectors across Yorkshire. When you work with Alternative Drainage, you benefit from over 30 years of experience offering a great quality service to all our clients in any sector. 

With our excellent reputation and experienced drainage team, we can tailor our drainage services to every customer so you get the quick and reliable service you expect, wherever you work. 

Sectors we work in


Drainage services for construction sites

When building, renovating or extending a building, it’s important you know what drainage system you need or if there is already one in place, whether it is efficiently working and if it is the best system for the building you’re about to build. We at Alternative Drainage offer ‘point draining’ which intercepts water at gullies (points.) Gullies connect piping to the drainage underneath the ground surface and deep excavation will be required to facilitate the system.

Drainage services for retail stores

Retail businesses are likely to use more water and have more waste than domestic properties, increasing the chances of a drainage issue occurring. Our skills and expertise with commercial drainage allows us to support retail businesses.

Drainage services for food businesses

Providing service in the food sector must be approached with great caution and care in order to avoid any contamination or further issues within the facility or restaurant. We understand that drainage is an important part of the business as water will be used frequently during the cooking and cleaning process, therefore offer a 24/7 emergency call out service for our clients.

Drainage services for public sectors

One of the commercial sectors we specialise in is the public sector. Our work with the council, providing drainage services to the city of Wakefield and Leeds, ensures that public drains are maintained to avoid issues occurring. We also repair issues that are already there as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand that public issues need to be dealt with urgently to avoid complaints and potential danger to pedestrians. Public drains becoming blocked or damaged can cause a wide range of issues from bad smells, flooding to sound pollution. By fixing and preventing these issues we can ensure that the city is kept safe and clean.

Drainage services for utilities

Investing in the latest excavation machinery that allows for pipe laying, drain repairs and any JCB-based work, allows us to provide as many services as possible, especially in our utilities sector. Our fleet of high quality, professional vehicles allows us to access drains easier and perform the work that needs to be done efficiently, avoiding any mistakes that could be made without the right equipment or experience.

Drainage services for manufacturing

Factories that manufacture goods will have a large amount of waste coming out of the buildings every single day, so the waste build up increases, which therefore increases the risk of drain blockages. Our job is to ensure that their drains are maintained and run efficiently, to avoid blockages and if a blockage occurs, to fix it and take precautions and give advice on how to prevent it in the future.

Drainage service for transport

Drainage in transport depots, such as bus stations, will have a different drainage system to other commercial sites as a lot more water and oil will pass through their drains every single day. The sewage of a transportation depot will be thicker, due to all of the oil (petrol, diesel etc.) leaking from pumps or faulty buses and those being cleaned. This is why we work closely with our client to ensure that the drains are best suited to these requirements and do our best to maintain them as a precaution to prevent drainage blockages and potential damage and danger to the system.

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