Smelly Drains: Causes & Prevention

If your drains are starting to kick up a stink this can be a nightmare for both domestic and commercial properties. Whether you are in your home or your business, a lingering bad smell needs to be dealt with as soon as possible before it permeates the whole building and becomes a real nuisance.

Even if your drain appears to be clean and there doesn’t seem to be any blockages, there still could be other issues in the long, complex set of pipes. The main cause of a smelly drain is a partial blockage somewhere in the system of pipes.

When water is still draining from your sink, bath or toilet you would usually assume that it is not blocked, but it is very common for the pipes to become partially blocked, which would still allow water to drain through.

Partial blockages can be caused a whole number of different reasons and is particularly common in homes with small children who like to see what can fit in the plughole. Anything that gets stuck in your pipes can end up trapping other things that follow, such as hair or bits of food. Food and wastewater will start to site in your pipes and decompose over time causing a really nasty smell.

As with a lot of things, prevention is better than cure, try to tackle the problem before there even is a problem.  The main thing you can do is make sure that nothing but water ever goes down your drains, including pasta, fats or oils. Oil and grease can solidify in your pipes, especially during cold weather, which narrows them and makes blockages more likely.

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