Surface water flooding in Yorkshire

Areas across Yorkshire have recently been given a flood warning with more heavy downpour expected over the coming days and weeks. Springtime is one of the worst months for flooding in the UK as torrential rain raises the water levels, threatens bursting river banks and causes groundwater flooding.

Heavy rainfall poses a very serious threat to the drainage systems of local homes, businesses and infrastructure. It is important to know what to do in preparation for, and in the event of flooding as Yorkshire is particularly at risk of two main types of flooding; river and groundwater floods.

If an area is low-lying than torrential rain will likely run-off from nearby land and into the urban areas and ultimately block or damage the drainage systems. Roads and tarmac obviously don’t absorb water like earth does, meaning the rain can simply run across it until it eventually fills up the drains and sewers. Urban areas and towns across Yorkshire can also be susceptible to blockages from mud, silt, stones and leaves which can be flushed into the drains.

Surface water flooding

In times of prolonged, heavy rainfall, the ground may become saturated and the drains and sewers that carry away the surface water are unable to cope with the volume, thus causing surface water flooding. It is estimated that around 4 million properties in the UK are at risk of surface water flooding every year.

If the drains around your home or business become flooded or blocked this can have extremely disruptive consequences. Not being able to flush away waste from your business can prevent you from using the toilet, sink or shower and force your business’ facilities out of order.

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