What to do if you have discoloured water

Water that is dirty, cloudy, or discoloured is a very common problem with domestic drains across Yorkshire. Whilst the standard of suitable drinking water is maintained very highly across Yorkshire, errors or individual circumstances can still result in discoloured water for many homeowners.

The spectrum of discoloured water is extremely varied, from cloudy to dark brown or specs of black, and also depends on the individual circumstances. The causes of discoloured water can vary from:

  • Occurrence of natural substances such as iron or manganese
  • Disruption to the water mains
  • Deterioration and rust of the pipelines
  • Internal plumbing issues
  • Air can sometimes be trapped in the water mains, therefore giving water a milky/carbonated appearance when it comes from the tap.

Once you have run the tap for several minutes, pour the water into a clear glass, so you can easily see the state of the water.

If the water starts out cloudy and then after a few minutes it becomes clearer from the bottom upwards, this will simply because of air. This is harmless and just means that too much air is in the water, these air bubbles will gradually rise to the top and then pop, meaning the water clear again.

If the water coming out of your pipes is brown this will likely be because minerals, sediment or rust has accumulated in the water main over time. Brown water therefore indicates a disturbance in the water main which has stirred up these deposits. In this instance the best thing to do is call a professional drainage company.

If you are experiencing discoloured water and are unsure if it is suitable for use, Alternative Drainage can use a dye test or another one of our methods to investigate any issues in your drains to help identify the issue. Call us on 0800 980 1362 for more information.