What is a Pipe and Patch repair?

At Alternative Drainage, our pipe and patch repair service is often called upon to fix commercial and domestic drainage systems.

If your pipes are suffering from cracks and defects that appear over time, this can be a challenge to repair. Failing to sort out the problem, and letting it worsen over time, can lead to a lot of serious problems, including leaks, flooding, foul smells and structural damage. If any of these issues to begin to arise the bill for the property owner will be much more expensive.

Pipe and patch relining is the perfect solution for broken pipes and is one of the most affordable forms of repair for the client. Pipe and patch works by covering the crack or hole with a piece of fragment that is covered with epoxy resin. Once this is put 9n place, it dries into a smooth, watertight and permanent drain repair.

This relatively inexpensive solution is much more affordable than replacing the broken pipe. A simple fix using the expertise from a trained drainage engineer and coated fabric will have your drain working as good as new. Where possible, we advise our clients that drain relining will always be a preferred treatment method to cracked pipes than replacing them.

Over the years Alternative Drainage have stayed at the forefront of drain repairs in Yorkshire by investing significant resources in the latest WRC approved patch repair kits and ensuring that all our engineers have the necessary skills and training to efficiently fix broken drains and undertake patch repair and pipe re-lining.

Alternative Drainage provide a range of drainage services for a range of domestic and commercial clients across the Yorkshire area. If you suspect your drain pipes are faulty or are having problems with your drainage system, contact us today on 01924 280080.