What not to put down your sink over Christmas

A blocked drain in the kitchen is incredibly disruptive and annoying, especially over the Christmas where it will be getting its fair share of use.

Not to mention a blocked drain can smell really foul and off-putting which won’t make for a very warm and welcoming reception to friends and family. Despite the consequences of a blocked drain being so severe with the right know-how they are almost entirely avoidable. Make sure the following food items are never flushed down the sink:

Vegetable peelings

Vegetable peeling such as potato peelings, carrot shavings are notoriously a common culprit for blocked drains. It can be expected that across Yorkshire and the wider country we will all be slaving away over our sinks during the Christmas periods. Unquantifiable amounts of potatoes will be peeled and chopped over Christmas but it is essential to remember to always bin the peelings as they turn soft and squishy when wet.


Coffee can be essential over Christmas to help you get through the busy days and late nights without a lot of sleep. Cafetière coffee tastes great but the grounds are not so great for your drains. Once you have poured out your coffee and the grounds are left at the bottom of the cafetière, make sure to dispose of this in the bin and not the sink.

Oil and grease

Oil is notoriously damaging within the drainage industry as almost all cases of blocked drains have in some way been contributed to by grease and oil. The fats from meat or fried food can solidify during the winter months and consequentially narrow the drain pipes and cause everything to stick together in one solid ‘fatberg’.


If you are planning on baking any cakes or mince pies over Christmas, make sure you put any leftover flour in the bin and not down the sink. When flour mixes with water it becomes gooey and solid and can subsequently block your sink or pipes.

If you are having any troubles with your drains over the festive period, don’t let it spoil your fun and joyous spirit, call a professional. Contact Alternative Drainage on 0800 980 1362.