What’s Involved in a CCTV Drain Survey?

In order to effectively maintain your drain and keep it in a healthy condition, it is important to know exactly what is going on inside your pipes. The best way to do this is through a CCTV drainage survey which will give you a clear view of the insides of your drains.

What is a CCTV drain survey?

A drain survey is an in-depth and thorough inspection of a drainage system that uses high-tech CCTV cameras which are inserted down the drain. The camera is remotely controlled by a computer and steadily threaded through the pipes and drainage system, producing a live feed capture of the inside of the drains so an engineer can get a good view of what’s going on.

When would I need a CCTV Survey for my drains?

A CCTV drain survey can sound complication and scary but it’s useful in many situations if you’re having problems with your drains but aren’t sure what’s causing the issue. The real-time inspection will allow the drainage engineer to inspect and assess the fault and then decide on the best course of action to resolve your drainage issues.

The drainage survey can help to identify such problems as:

How is a CCTV survey carried out?

  1. Once you suspect your drain is faulty, contact a drainage contractor to arrange a survey.
  2. The drainage engineer will arrive at your property and discuss the issue with you before setting up the CCTV technology and equipment.
  3. The engineer will choose the most suitable equipment for your drains and will insert the CCTV camera to begin the survey.
  4. Using a computer, the drainage engineer will be able to see what’s causing the problem and diagnose the issue.
  5. The engineer will report back on the findings along with their recommendations of what repair work is required.

Alternative Drainage provides a thorough and professional CCTV drainage survey service for both domestic and commercial drainage systems. If you are experiencing any faults with your drains, contact us today on 0800 980 1362.